Photos from Jean-Marie Panese's post

New exhaust installed..... Finally, it sounds as it should do.... but a bit loud for that country..... Need to put a silencer baffle into it ASAP.


  • The seat is awsome! Is it handmade or manufactured? I need this:)

  • You could also build your own baffles easily with a piece of stainless tube and baffle wrapping material (fiberglass packing, sold in every good motorcycle store)

  • Hi JM, bike looks sweet. Is the seat from AN BU Japan?

  • Amazing!

  • Thanks, Chris Redman ! ;-) As for the seat Martin Kunzmann, yes it is, ordered via Webike Japan. Plug and play system.

  • Jean-Marie Panese, how long did you wait until you received your parts from Webike Japan?

  • Christian Holle, it takes usually 4 to 5 days from door to door. I was amazed the first time I ordered there. Very quick delivery !

  • That's indeed really fast!!