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I'm having an issue with my clutch. So I got my push rod parts in and I got two nuts for my input shaft to hold in the clutch basket. But neither (one brand new from rmatv, one with a used parts kit) want to thread onto the input shaft. As if they are too small. What am I missing here??

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  • Can you get them to go a few threads or nothing at all? That nut looks to be correct. I got mine to spin on about half way on a brand new input shaft by hand.. those 3 indents work as a locking mechanism so you will need a ratchet to tighten the nut fully. It won't strip but just be sure you have it threaded on correctly to start. The input shaft threads are very fine. Any little bits of dirt will also make it difficult to get on.

  • I can't get it to go on at all or even catch on the first thread. It is for sure the same thread pitch, but just 2mm too small. Which is what is confusing me the most. I'm wondering if the previous owner put the incorrect input shaft in or something.

  • 2004 nut is 16mm

  • 2005 nut is 18mm... any chance the bottom end is actually from a 2005 bike?

  • At this point I dont see why not. The previous owner was a character.

  • Could be... check out the id number on the cases and see what year they match. I don't know if the 04 trans assembly will fit in 05 cases... some parts are interchangeable but quite a few are different. Input shafts are different but output shafts are the same. Some gears are different as well.

  • I have no clue. THe case is definitely a 2004

  • It's reverse thread are you twisting it counter clock wise

  • I tried both directions