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HELP!!!!! Anyone!

Just had 1989kx 250 tank restored , took it for its first ride, filled with fuel prior to riding so it would get used to fuel in tank no problems.

Just come in a week later after leaving tank cap loose to stop build up of fuel vapours and KAPOW! Seen this, anyone got any ideas how to fix this or is it doomed

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  • Common split zone & the seat edge .... Now your with the other 1000 89 KX250 o erscthat only have 1 option, alloy tank time

  • It's done , just ordered one from boris at Bormi parts!

  • They crack too - my friend has an alloy on his kx500 which has been welded several times

  • At least you can repair it

  • Jason Shaw awesome! Take some pics when you're finished

  • Sikaflex 11-FC

  • Michael R Secor will do, just awaiting decals and now tank! Will put them up once it's all prettied up!

  • Happens regularly to IT tanks.

  • My special parties enjoy a lifetime warranty. If you have a problem, even in 10 years, the part is repaired or replaced free of charge. In extreme cases we can refund the money spent.

  • Actually of about 50 tanks built I had cracks on two issues. It 'happened on the first product, with that experience I used some tricks. It 'also happened in Troy , the tank has been replaced with another. What I had before I repaired it and now I'm using it on my bike without problems.

  • Contrary to many others I have no problems to speak openly and publicly about anything, so everyone can discuss with me any doubts.

  • Bormi tank

  • I've had them decals for two years i didn't know bormi had them as well but I like em

  • Doug dubach uses Bormi Parts alloy tanks Beautifull Italian craftsmanship

  • Surely with the social networks I can have a lot of free publicity. Everything depends on how one works. It can be a double-edged weapon if one works badly. I think to be honest and discreet manufacturer. But above all a passionate. I would be the first customer of myself. What I construct use it. Frames, tanks and everything else. It 'an incredible luck turning a passion into a job. And if a customer is not happy with is a great frustration because it is as if the trouble to happen to me. In that case I'm willing to do anything until he is satisfied.

  • Dare decals

  • Dave is always good too!

  • I think it's a GMX tank he has.

  • Imported Bike from East coast vintage in the US "ready to race", first tank fuel , split open. She's done for mate.

  • I just use me brothers bormi tank. Its really cheap

  • East Coast rip off's!

  • Dave do you know if they do them for IT's?

  • Point of interest, Troy, is an Australian guy that races his 500 in the VMX & modern classes & is an A graded, talented rider, us mear mortals would never put our bikes through ehat he does .... works bikes in the day with alloy tanks only had to do a season .....

  • You want to sell a plastic one Brad

  • Mmmm na not really

  • Can't hurt to ask

  • Unfortunately Troy had a serious physical problem and it's not going in motion. I sent him a temporary tank because it was not. Soon you will receive a new final. As I had proposed. I hope he gets well soon and come back to play.

  • Mate its fukd

  • Troys the shit one out of the 2 brothers

  • Yep

  • Andrew Pearce is there no recourse with it being just bought?

  • No way, looked at the bikes they have, didn't think they would be like that. Sorry to hear that mate.

  • But Troy turns up to the most meetings, I like him ... He's a good beer drinker & cooks good sausages on his BBQ

  • Carl Oberhauser Troy Cooper has a hand for handling sausages

  • It's on gumtree

  • Bormi Parts Troy Cooper is always playing with himself

  • Bormi Parts?

  • Yes. Is a my product

  • What's on gummie

  • Buy new,last longer. Clarke has em..

  • Unfortunately mate there are plenty of buyers like you who they did the same thing too.

  • Clarks are 88's

  • Carl right Clark are same as 88 to 04 KX 500 weather you order KX 250 one or 500 same tank

  • But in real terms the 89 KX250 tank is a much sleeker & prettier tank then the 88

  • Carl Oberhauser they are but it would seem it's pot luck on wether it cracks or doesn't these days!

    Not just because it happened to me but looking around its a common problem.

  • Dude I've got 3 - 89 KX250's all tanks stuffed & I even bought a whole bike just because it had a mint tank .... But it was split on the seat line & I couldn't see it when I bought it tillvi filled it up & fuel spewed out everywhere ..... Fucker melted the crack with a hot screw driver

  • It's a cunt they are all fucked