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Anybody else ride streets too, my 08 zx10!!!!

  • Nice

  • Damn straight. My ZRX is the street equivalent to my KX500.

  • Nice! I had a Z-Rex a few years ago. Was a fuggin cool bike! Had a heap of Dale Walker mods, went pretty good

  • Nice, my 10 should be around 170 whp. Its a handful

  • Yeah and a whole lot lighter too. Not sure on the Z-Rex weight but must be at least 220kg

  • Yea its def lighter

  • Yup. It's heavy, but geared for the street rather than high speed track duty. Makes it's power down low so it smokes most bikes light to light. Love the ZX10 too though. Handling is stellar!

  • Street toys

    My Ducati 1098 & twin turbocharged Ls1 c10 6 speed

    I built

  • That c10 thi!!!

  • Tho