Photos from Jason Dillard's post


Anybody painter there kx frames with either of these grabber green. Just want to knock the rust off and coat it till i can powdercoat in the off season.

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  • I've used it like the duplicolor engine paint

  • How it come out?

  • My foot pegs were painted with the rustoleum. I like it.

  • These were also painted with the Rustoleum

  • Not bad looks like the rustoleum needs ahair more yellow to be perfect

  • I will point out that the frame isn't original Kawasaki green either. It is Dupont Bad Boy Green.

  • The duplicolor gave the frame a nice durable appearing finish on my 90 KX 250

  • Dupont bad boy green?

  • I think that's what it's called.

  • Ok cool

  • I have a DuPont Catalog. I will find out for sure

  • Ok let me know what you come up with

  • Cool thank you so much for the help