Photos from Jason Dillard's post

Lil more progress got buddy to weld subframe up and exhaust tab. Thinking about painting the subframe black,l till i get it powder coated.

  • I'm familiar with fmf's gnarly and fatty pipes didn't know they made a fmf burly pipe 2!!

  • Burly?

  • Yep....let's hear the story on the pipe

  • It's the old name for gnarly

  • Oh righto pretty cool thing to have then

  • You should do what I did to my gnarly and take it back to bare metal

  • I had it removed by guys that plate stuff

  • They can only do it to new pipes not used ones

  • Oh righto my 87 was hard to find a pipe and Theo not one I could find were 88 fmfs and they works the works look so I made Mine into one