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Hi everyone, I just got my Versys650 2016 recently and trying to learn more about the bike. I'm confuse about the engine oil change as the owner Manual, here suggest it only need to be change every 12,000km but the warranty booklet suggest every 6,000km. Which is right and wrong?

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  • The best is every 3000km to have a smooth engine and moreover the engine oil is not expensive..

  • Its not the money actually, it is why they have set 12k interval in the owner Manual

  • I think the oil filter change is every 12k. There is an asterix on the description (*C), I bet there is a clarification for the oil to be changed more often than 12k.

  • Ah yes, it mention service more frequent when operating in severe condition, dusty, wet, muddy, high speed, or frequent start/stop

  • I think with the lubricant technology today, it should last more longer

  • Perhaps, but oil is cheap, engines are not.

  • So better maintain then regret later..mostly all my friends change their oil every 2k-3k

  • 50k miles on my bike and I change oil between 6 and 7 thousand MILES. Not a single prob. Get good oil and don't worry about it so much.

  • Thats what I think as well

  • i change mid-season just the oil, and the filter and oil at the end of the season.

  • Every 5k is best...

  • I change mine every 3k miles but I'm sure I don't have to

  • That would be about 4800km

  • Jason Chan so yea, the 6000km is what I would go with based on your original question

  • So I think the conclusion, will be to preserve and maintain the engine well, 6000km oil change would be good or whenever it need like after a long spirited ride

  • Thanks a million everyone for your advice

  • I guess that the best way to go

  • Just remember the two "5s". 5k for engine oil & 500 to lube chain.

  • I change mine about every 1k miles, I change it as soon as it gets dark, better safe than sorry, plus I pre fill my oil filters every time

  • I had a honda pc800 I bought off the original owner and he used amsoil with a once a year interval on the oil change regardless of miles. It ran like a top.

  • I believe if we dont race the bike and use it normally with low rpm daily, we can widen the oil change interval

  • How many liter of oil you pour in if you fill the oil filtered first? Based on owner Manual it mention 16 liters without the filter change and 18 liters with filter change

  • I don't know about liters but about 2.5 quarts it's what I use, I fill the oil filter about 3/4 of the way full, anymore and the oil would run out before you get the filter on, this eliminates having a dry start so that the oil reaches engine components quicker, especially since I change my oil often

  • Oopps I mean how many gallons of oil you pour into your engine. I just check, 1 quarts = 0.94 liters.