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    Got the Lectron carb put in on my KDX today..... Started up first kick and after adjusting the idle a little bit, it seems to be running real good. Possibly a little on the rich side but I'll wait until I actually ride it before tweaking anything. Rode it around the yard some..... It stood up in 3rd gear on its own.... In the rain on wet grass, lol..... So I guess that's good so far, lol. Anxious to actually get out and ride and see how it does

    • They are great carbs. I put one on my 03 cr 250. Didn't do a thing to it, and it ran great.

    • Where do the clear tubes go.mate my kdx only has one tube the feed


    • What did that run ya?

    • sounds great...i'll never get use to that rattle sound...kinda drives me nuts lmao

    • Roughly $450 for everything..... Have to get a throttle cable as well, and the metering rod adjusting tool is a good idea

    • Hahah I know, its def unique. Awhile back I was getting ready to ride and letting the bike sit and idle to warm up, and an older guy parked a couple spaces over came over and said "man you may want to look into putting a piston in that thing soon.... It sounds like it's slapping pretty bad!". I told him.... Naahh it's normal, they all do it. He just kinda gave me that weird smile and nod, and said "ok...", lol

    • The clear tubes are just the overflow tubes that drain out underneath. There's another clear hose on the other side that you can't see, that's for the power jet

    • Cool deal.... Glad to hear that!

    • Wow. I'm sure it has its benefits though. What model/part number did you purchase?

    • Its the 34mm..... Not easy for the KDX though due to how close the carb sits to the frame. So it had to be modified and cut down shorter to clear the frame. It was close but still wouldnt fit without hitting the frame, So he made me a new top piece and shaved it down a little bit, especially in the one corner that was hitting. Its still a squeeze but fits pretty good now. I'm not sure they would make another one just due to the extra work involved, but I'm glad we were able to make this one work

    • Oh damn

    • i thought crank bearings when i first heard it..scared the hell out of me

    • i run into other sites with 2 stroke guys and they get nuts on me when i tell them its normal..makes me give up trying to explain

    • Kips rattle....freaks me out too

    • Took me a while to get used to it. Not sure I would catch a bearing problem now though!

    • For 500 bucks I'm sure they might sounds like it just might be worth a call. And RB carbs is always worth the money