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A few pics from yesterdays ride..... One of our local OHV's closes down every year from Jan 1st through April 1st to do trail maintenance and whatnot. But this year they opened up a day early, so a handful of us went yesterday. I was the 2nd one in the gate for the year, haha..... Beat by my buddy who got there just a little earlier

Got some heavy rain and storms the couple days prior, so it was crazy wet (but luckily this place doesn't get muddy..... It has a very unique soil, plus very rocky).... But the creek crossing on 2 of the trails sure was roaring, lol. Another trail there were about a half dozen new "creek crossings" that never existed before (crazy amount of runoff). Fun times.... Had a passing shower but ended up being a beautiful day! :)

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  • What state is this in

  • Western North Carolina..... Brown Mountain OHV in Morganton

  • Two demerits for not disclosing location in original post! Next time it's a virtual slap on the back of the head!


  • Correct. That is a fine. Set of Pirelli tires must be shipped to each administrator immediately

  • These are great pics

  • Great place for a group outing..... I'll be there in twenty hours :-)

  • Oh yea? You headed down this way?

  • Sorry no... But I wish I was