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Received this morning compliments of Irelands of Barnstaple.

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  • Welcome.

  • Very nice bike looks really well

  • wow James, she is gorgeous!

  • Lovely, nice extras. Your passengers will thank you for that grab rail!

  • Grab rail is good. Works in two ways. 1. Stops me dropping her while putting her on the paddock stand. 2. Stops the wife flying off the back when the traffic lights change to green!!

  • Thinking of colour coding the wheels. Black rims with the hubs/spokes same colour green

  • Cool, im going gold wheels on mine. Just got better swingarm too

  • I've seen one with gold wheels and clutch housing etc. Looks great. Why the swing arm upgrade? Any better?

  • Yeah the z750r swingarm looks better, its lighter and doesnt rust. Fits straight on too. Plus with hagon shock it will handle alot better. Heres my old one 2007

  • Didn't realise you were from Barnsley Arron! What exhaust you got on the new one?

  • Yeah i am aha, its a danmoto xg-1, quite cheap but very very loud, ill tag you in the video in a sec, ive ordered another one for custom twin pipes

  • I'm from ponte way, but living down south at min, too loud for the MOT lol

  • Yeah ive kept all the origional for the MOT lol. But yeah its too lound hence the twin exhaust, hope it may go a little quieter

  • You'll soon find out mate