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Here's mine . O1 model

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  • There is a video of it running this year. The guys a importer of these old bikes and it runs well from what I seen . I haven't had it running . I've only had it a few days . The fuel smelt terrible when I drained the carb so a jet may be blocked . I put 40 mls of oil to a litre in a 20 litre jerry can. Did I put too much oil in?

  • 40ml to 20litres of fuel? If you wrote that correctly DO NOT try to start it on that. And what type of oil did you buy for it. I'll get back to you shortly.

  • Sorry mate I gotta learn to read properly 40ml per litre is fine.

  • Haha yeah mate that's right. I drained it all out of the tank. I think it's meant to be 125 Mls to 5 litres. I'm new to this mixing business

  • I used belray sythetic ester oil

  • Ok you have put a bit to much oil in especially for a synthetic. Youve mixed 25:1 with 40ml per litre. To much oil wont hurt your engine, although can foul plugs and can mess around your jetting if its oil rich. To little oil is the worry. If you are not racing and its just for fun using a good synthetic (Belray is) just stick to the factory 32:1 which is 31mls per litre. It will give your engine good longevity with protection up top (when your wringing its neck) and down low when your just noodling around and helps to ensure good ring seal. I don't think that fuel mix will stop it from starting but it wont help if its fouling the plug with oil. You are using premium 98 petrol arent you.? Just asking.

  • Yes I bought premium for it . I have one of those charts now . The plug was wet when I checked .ill change oils after this stuff is gone

  • Thanks for the info Scott once it's running I'll put it on here

  • Looks like a 99/2000 model to me??

  • 2001 model