Photos from Jack Linden's post

Certainly more style and originality than the clones produced by the Firestone tires / brown seat / anglegrinder crowd calling themselves "custom garages"...

And it's for sale !!

  • No this is so much better, let's throw a modern Sports bike seat onto it and jam it up against the tank, a headlight surround that looks like it's off a Harley Vrod, a couple of tin cans for an exhaust and viola. So much better than angle grinders, Firestone's and Brown seats, but of course.

  • Don't take the piss out of Firestone's please!

  • Am I doing it right? That's what we are doing right, sledging other people's bikes for shits n giggles? Seems that's what the post was meant to be about. Back to work, I need to fit Firestone's to my angle grinder then upholster the handle in Brown leather...

  • I'm a proud Firestone wearer!

    If you look behind the W they're on my chop too #sheep tbf I put them on the first W I played with about 9 years ago - reckon it was trend setting back then ha ha

  • I was reminded of something like these.

  • But then I own one of these so I'm used to being questioned about what I like.

  • RT Boxer is fine.

  • Better throw in a Harley Flathead engine as well? That will blend in better with the whitewall tyres :-P

  • I have an airhead but mono shock? :)

  • why take a retro bike and cover it in modern fittings? thee is no point in it. sorry but hat's a big no.........

  • +1, John. Same swingarm and wheels as my ZRX1100. Look good on my Rex, but.. And the hideous-looking, bazooka-sized exhaust can on my Rex looks even more ridiculous on a W650 or, what was once a handsome pre-unit British twin. Reminds me of the Sixties, and all the sweet Bonneville and Commandos that got chopped and extended. Maybe we should form a W650 rescue squad?