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BSA wannabee...

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  • Yamma-Domi.

  • I recall articles in the old Motorcycle Sport mag, from England, that featured an old BSA single with a transplanted SR500 engine. Following (slowly) in the wake of Tritons, I guess? "What if" transplants are entertaining, at the very least. But the cheesy rebranding of that W650 reminds me of a funny rebranding episode that I witnessed during my youth. A 120-pound kid from my neighbourhood proudly showed up at our playground, one sunny day, wearing his home-made back patch ("colours") on his Levi vest that read "Hells Angles." Yes, "Angles!" Poor kid! Well, we all, with the exception of the new, Hells Angle, had some fun that day!!! (We didn't need smart phones - that the Hells Angles had penetrated our 'hood quickly went viral!

  • BSA stil exists today as a brand, although they do not produce motorcycles anymore. In the early 90s they decided to take a shot at the moto industry by using NOS of frames and fitting the SR500 engine indeed... There was the BSA Regal Goldstar to you.. Didn't catch though.. Too early ? Customers not ready. ?.. go figure...

  • This gotta be your buddy... :v

  • Those SR500 Goldies are pretty sweet!

  • They might have had a different fate had BSA Regal released "The New GoldStar" in 2005 rather than 1992. They couldve built it with the Kawasaki 650 vertical twin rather than the 500 sigle and then it would... Oh. Wait. Back to square one of this post I suppose ? :/

  • Yes, we quickly start talking in circles, on this one. There's the whole "country of origin" deal, as well. My Thruxton is a Thai-umph, really. And given the number of Asian parts on HDs (undoubtably for the better), they may as well be called Barely-a-Davidson. But that's a whole other can of worms, ain't it?