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Hello, is this an 87 or 88 model?

Just picked it up for under 200 bucks in Belgium

  • 88. Gullwing lower Aarms, and rear shock res under the seat

  • Also clicker front shocks

  • Thanks guys

  • WHAT

  • Good score......that oem seat almost worth 200.

  • Nice find!

  • It is in very good shape, does anyone have a complete wiring harness? I have an engine and carb at home which will go in it, and all the missing parts required for a complete T4

  • 1988. Like Mike said gullwings and shock res under wear you sit instead of by your knee.

  • Really I have 6 of them

  • 88 what everyone said

  • Hell I'm going to post all my seats for sale for 199. 99

  • Is the 88 more desirable?

  • The '88 is rarer and had the better carb

  • Rare..NO... they're more desired because of the location of the shock Reservoir and a bigger carburetor.

  • I thought the '88 was only made for the first 3 months of '88.

  • Not that I'm aware of the 88 was more popular because it came out with the White Edition and the green Edition

  • Ive never been able to find production numbers for '88 could only find them for '87 and they were kinda spotty

  • Tyler I've been tracking T4 serial numbers since 2006 with the help of other enthusiasts. Let me share that here so someone can take it over.

    The 2 year production of Tecate-4s was actually a bit less because Kawasaki only produced Tecates for a few months in 1988. It is generally accepted, though never verified, that the serial numbers accompanying that production run were as follows:

    1987 - XF250AE000001-003500

    1988 - XF250AE003501-005???

    I have a small record of the Tecate-4 engine serial numbers that I have come across as well as those that have been reported by other Tecate-4 enthusiasts. They are included below....and could probably be substantially updated with this latest run of Tecate enthusiasm.

    The highest reported to date is

    XF250AE005012 with an even distribution in between, indicating the full production run is reasonably represented here.


    XF250AE0002 37



    X F250AE000664


    XF250AE0009 61



    X F250AE001534


    XF250AE0016 88



    X F250AE002511


    XF250AE0025 62



    X F250AE003971


    XF250AE0040 11



    X F250AE004444


    XF250AE0045 73



  • Nice. The only production numbers ive found is a general idea that there were around 5000 made in total and there was about 3500 in the first year.

  • You are correct Sir

  • That's an awesome find thanks for sharing that info

  • we should refresh your data. where did you get your serial numbers? kawieriders?

  • I collected them from every Tecate owner I could find. I did have it posted on Kawieriders for others to update 10 years ago. The list grew a little more that way.

  • Gullwings?

  • The bottom arms make a shape that resembles gull wings

  • the engine number on my tecate is XF250AE003538 cant see it on that list how do i confirm its a 87 or 88 model tecate i have

  • Well 3501 and after are 88's. Bottom A Arm also has gull wing pattern and the rear shock res should be right under your left cheek.

  • sorry just noticed the bit at the top yep your right rear shock res is right under the seat on the left side.

  • Alrighty

  • I looked 2 of mine are 87 and 4 are 88 my one 88 is 3935 last four highest i have lowest is 2600

  • Are the numbers on the left side of the cylinder because both engines ive had both had the plates blank or scratched off

  • Tyler Peterson mine all stamped on kicker low hour 87 still vin and sticker on frame

  • Mines got a sticker like that on the right behind the a arms

  • Tyler Peterson my vin is just to left of sticker few inches kawi very lightly put vin in most cant see dont take much to remove mine is perfect this bike is true survivor maybe 40 hours i lucked out when found it

  • Alright. I will have to check when I get home