Photos from Ian Woodbridge's post


  • Anti static strip... .early warning.

  • Just have to scrub the tyre in when its not raining next week

  • I've just eaten my hard boiled egg with more thread pattern. I hope you did this off road tho. I've had a tyre let go while doing a ton. I was so scared shitless I threw up by the side of the road!!!

  • Nope I got back after Barton Bike night, parked her up, went to go out the following day and noticed this. New T30 on tuesday so back on it.

  • Ghees man!

  • I know I must've been on the limit when i left. Was two up as well...but she has been parked up since, wheel whipped out yesterday ready for new rubber.

  • At the moment I can lay my hands on two brand new sets of rear tyres. Pirelli's of course.

  • Trying the T30 on the rear, my experience with metz aren't good.

  • Such a sad sight, so much fun remaining off centre. Clearly looks like a life in the fast (straight) lane.

  • Thanks for your input Mark Rodway. Feel free to meet up at cadwell for a track day ;)