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Colour change on the wife's bike white to red

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  • Like it. What did you use

  • Bought a new set of panels of eBay they are like new ! Going to sell the old ones

  • That's cheating

  • Cheapest way of doing it though! Hopefully brake even when I sell the old ones :)

  • Looks good

  • I've considered doing this with candy lime green for mine, and keeping both sets.

  • The bike is originally black (and I hate black ) had it wrapped with plasti dip in white . But spied these red panels for sale at a good price and the mrs loves the red so got them think the bike looks great in red :)

  • The red is so much better!

  • I think the red and the blue were the best colours they did :)

  • It looks like mine now. Good choice

  • Orange wasn't bad. The black and yellow ones are chill too. But red is the best!