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So a few weeks ago I changed my mk2 versys for a mk3 and fitted lots of extras to the bike like most I fitted the 12v outlet and like everyone else had the same problem with the charger catching the hand guards on full lock !! Found a solution ! Angled USB cable works a treat doesn't catch £ 4.95 eBay along with a push bike phone holder and a USB adapter cos I went for a cigarette lighter plug all sorted £16.95

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  • 3 times the price though !

  • Ian Atkinson eh, still cheap enough. How much did you pay for the 12v outlet?

  • £3.95 eBay

  • That charger you have Justin Chapman is a lot more expensive in the UK nearly £40

  • I actually bought the OEM outlet for the Vulcan. It's literally the same exact part as the one for the versys but only $20 USD

  • Your lucky parts a lot cheaper over there :)

  • What about the 12v outlet, any suggestions for the versys 2016, are any of them suitable ?

  • mine is a 2015 so will be the same as yours got of ebay £3,95 works spot on

  • L/999940541

    It's the same part and $60 cheaper than the versys one. Such a scam how they do that

  • I live in Greece, do they ship to Europe?

  • EBay UK most will ship abroad