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Complete brake line kits with bleeder valves and caps, now available, Very easy install, just remove old lines install new Core Moto Lines, remove old bleeder valves install new STAHLBUS bleeder valves and pump brakes until maximum lever pressure is reached ! Works with clutch lines also! Several color options for caps are available or can be matched to lines with powder coating. For more info contact me at


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  • I like.. wondering how close the orange is to the 2014 orange... hmmm.. I like the fact that it is a DYI... :)

  • Eric you would want the translucent orange lines for the 14 in NON ABS only.. Eighth line in from left in photo..

  • Cindy Hernandez

  • Damn... I have ABS.

  • Yeah there not available yet from either of my suppliers Core Moto and Galfer ..