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I have a 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750 4x4. Looking to replace the wheels and tires. Could you guys tell me how tall of a tire I can put on before having rubbing problems? I need a tire with an all-terrain tread that would work good on highway, yard and lite trail riding. Any suggestions?

  • Buddy has 28s on his with no lift and it don't rub.

  • That's about what I was figuring too. Didn't know if adding 2" wheel spacers would allow me more tire height or not. Or maybe even some fender trimming like I have done on some of my past 4x4 vans to gain clearance for taller tires.

  • Look at the Fuel Grippers . I have a set of 28x10x14 on my teryx and I'm very impressed with them. They are a good all a round tire and are don't seem to be wearing alot. I ride asphalt, gravel and dirt

  • Thanks John, I'll look them up.

  • No problem man . I also like the way they look

  • My brother has 29.5 on his but has 2"lift and 1.5 spacers.