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So I bought some new tyres for my kdx however the front tyre does not seat on the rim evenly all the way around. I have deflated and re inflated a few times now and ridden it but it's still the same. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to fix this problem. You can see on the first pic on the right how it dips down and then goes back up again.

  • Let the air out then spray some soapy water on it. That will help it glide into place when you air it back up.

  • Soapy water then over-inflate try up to 60 psi to seat the bead

  • Will that not explode the inner tube lol

  • No. I wouldn't go over 60 psi though. Read up/ google tire changing. I had to let mine sit for a couple hours at 60 psi and in the sun. A warm tire is easier to work with.

  • take it all off the rim and clean the rim with a wire wheel (brush) in a drill. you want the channel to be CLEAN so the tire can slide into place. then use wd40 / 2t oil / whatever-you-have to lube the tire bead and inflate without the valve stem center in place. usually only takes 30psi if the wheel is clean and plenty of lube.

  • Okay thanks will try that

  • I usually deflate and spray a lil bit wd40. You can also use the tire iron to pull the tire a bit while inflating

  • Thanks for that idea took a while but a bit of patience and perseverance it worked. Can enjoy a nice ride later now

  • Another option is to take a rubber mallet and start working your way around your rim, it will seat !!! ONLY hit the tire

  • summer is here...sun and soapy water make tire changes so much easier..60% goes on by hand

  • good point