Photos from Greg Odneal's post

Does anyone know anything about this race kit? I got it from the original owner along with a K1. Also came with a parts hord

  • The owner nick felli that I got it from raced for years and had kept most of his bit from his racing carrer. I bought the bike and parts hord together and don't know exactly what is race kit and not . I wish I had a pic manifest of what belongs 88 the box and then i might consider selling but I'm a collector too and it's not something I want to sell at a discount

  • maybe i've got the manual for that racing kit.

  • Wow can u post pics of the manual

  • We don't collect bits and put them away we use them and race them hard as intended

  • There more under all that .

  • I'd love to know more of what's in the kit

  • I have the ignitor . Electrical sys with on off switch, block off plates for alt and starter. ........ no cams though

  • I'll lay it out later today

  • Think they used the most essential parts to go quicker and the rest is stil in that box!!