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  • Hi nice looking bike I like the look of the screen what make is it.?

  • Welcome!!! You have the faster D version

  • Screen looks same as the Powerbronze version I put on mine

  • Not as quick as a C apparently lol.

  • PYMARID, double bubble,came with the bike, good srcreen.

  • It looks a bit higher than my powebronze

  • They road tested a derestricted 1100 in 1990 (C1) at 183 mph, Performance bikes, quoted as the quickest mass produced bike in a straight line

  • are you sure :P

  • it's only what I have seen on here over the last week or so lol.

  • lol, just ask Pat McCullagh what brake calipers fit lol

  • and kept it for a longgg time :)

  • Welcome Graham, quite a bit of a re-work on your bodywork there, looking as tidy a colour change as we've seen (I'm assuming that as I've not the colour before). Who cares, just like I was blooming glad to be back sat on top of one. Enjoy mate.

  • Will look around who's listening before asking something silly like that again :D Still haven't caught up on my beauty sleep lol (y)

  • Was a dark blue with a lightning design, paint was coming off the side panels and the tank was rusted out, had lots of paint kicking around, so I mixed it up and thats the result. Bike cost e £550, ebay tank with a small dent , Honda Nissin calipers,hoses and cylinder,(from USA) cleaned carbs and fuel front pads, cleaned and released rear brake. Without labour approx £750 in total with a clean MOT.

  • Well it's clear to see you know your stuff. So you have a great looking bike for quite reasonable money. You'll enjoy the banter on here when they get together to help solve someone's problems. Was it anything like mine? This is her when I saw her on Ebay last December, I'll soon be putting up the pics of what she's had over her first winter with me. I'm currently wrestling with the decision whether to sacrifice the original decals to have a respray or not. Found a guy who reckons he'd paint round them and save them so 'all' I've to do is find a RH fairing to preserve as the previous owner had it over onto that side

  • (y)

  • Mike Lusty I never listen to internet's always wrong!

  • No, It was stripped of the fairing and had to be picked up on a trailer, All it needed was a tank as the original had rusted out and a rear brake cylinder, then loads of work on the plastics, First ride to work on it, Slow this morning as slippery but great going home.

  • nice that :)

  • On it's way to me Colin, great spot, thanks very much :D

  • I saw it and thought of you :D

  • You say the sweetest things lol :-)

  • Im always stalking ebay , did you see the left panel the same seller had