Photos from Geoff Poole's post

Been touring in Spain & France this week. Superb twisties for hundreds of miles. ;)

  • How did the big 1400 handle the twistys?

  • Just back myself from the Pyrenees on my 14. Hard work to keep up with my mate on his S1000XR on the tight stuff but on the open sweepers, not too bad. Beautiful roads and weather with hardly an traffic.

  • I must get myself a trip organised....

    Glad you had a great time

  • Did Mugello in 2014 and absolutely loved the trip. The 14 did everything it said on the tin. Tried to arrange Misano for next year but it's September and one of the chaps is in farming and they get crazy busy around then.

  • It all sounds amazing....

    It's defo on my to do list lol

  • Very well, but have ridden the Pyrenees etc a few times, so know what to expect.

  • Yeah Mano. Mate has S1000R naked. Can't match a bike like that in the hairpins.

  • Thanks mate. We start in North Spain Picos area is superb!

  • The handling is great for such a big bike Pat :)