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    So I asked if anyone had upgraded to an LED bulb last week and didn't get an answer .. So I went for it and ordered a cheap set (£22) of 110w 20000LM Cree H4 bulbs off ebay ..

    I'm staggered at how good they are .. Only arsey bit was getting it fit, it won't unless you remove the nose fairing/dash support sub frame .. Once that's out the way it's literally plug and play .. And the difference between the Osram Night breaker and this LED bulb is night and day (no pun intended) ... The LED bulbs blows it away ...

    • Been thinking I'll upgrade the indicators and tail/brake lights myself. Seeing ur post gives me confidence that it will work OK

    • Let us know how long they last. I removed my hid and to the Phillips.

    • is the beam of light you get still as defined it's not just throwing light out .. i'm always worried about blinding oncoming traffic .. does the hi beam work ok

    • Hi Al .. It all works fine, what you can't see in the pictures is my headlight beam setter (MOT equipment) in front of the bike .. ;)

      I was out on the bike last night, didn't get home until about 11pm .. A couple of cars flashed me, I assume due to my headlight, but it's set correctly and tbh I got flashed even with the standard H4 bulb ...

    • Ive upgraded to led cant fault them alot better projection on to Road is brill definitely recommend

    • Does the "nose fairing/dash support sub frame" go back on once you have the LED in place?

    • Those who have them fitted - how reliable have you found them to be? I had an HID fitted until the second set died one night and I had to travel 15 miles in the dark without a headlight. (The first HID set failed after a month, the second set had lasted about 3 months.)

    • Didn't see your post last week sorry bud, I would've responded... I've got the led upgrade on both my 11 & 6

    • This pic was taken on a bright sunny day too

    • You could bought an osram nightbreaker.

    • He says it's much better than the Nightbreaker.

    • Yes it does, otherwise the mirrors will keep falling off .. lol

    • Honestly the nightbreaker is good .. This LED bulb is awesome !!!

    • Sounds good, but I'll wait and see how long it lasts before I spend my money.

    • Your a right tight sod !! Pmsl :D :D

    • Just can't face skinning my knuckles if they conk out every few months.

    • I will keep you updated !!

    • I want to fit whatever's best while the fairing's off, then forget about it.

    • my HID lasted 2 years but was day & night compare to stock... now might go to LED...

    • Aren't HID more awkward to fit? Not just a straight plug-it-in job?

    • no it was fine just had to figure out where to put the ballast... which was on the air pipe that comes from the front...

    • Ballast?

    • Electrics is not my strong suit. ⚡️

    • yes of the HID kit it's not just a bulb...

    • Looks complicated. Sod that.

    • no you plug into the 3poles connector and stick the lighjt into the socket and secure the ballast...

    • took me 15 minutes to do a neet job...

    • They don't last though.

      I think I'll just go for the Nightbreaker.

      I don't ride much at night anyway.

    • go to led a good one is about 100$canadian$$ and is worth it if i listen to friends...

    • $100 Canadian? What's that in £?

    • around 60 ish

    • £60!!?? Screw that!

    • you get what you pay for... :-)

    • Not worth it for the amount I ride at night.

      The headlight will never be that great cos the lens design is crap. My GPz900 headlamp was much better.

    • something like that...

    • Thanks, but I think I'll pass on that.

    • 2 Nightbreakers are about £15. That'll do me.

    • but it is really a big difference even if you don't ride at night people will see better during day for your security too...

    • I don't use my headlight during the day, I have a 20w halogen sidelight, I use that.

    • I think your gunna lose this argument Gilles .. Roland is so tight, if he swallowed coal, he'd shit diamonds .. And then still buy on the cheap ..

    • I do shit diamonds, that's why I'm so rich.

    • I got lucky.

    • You want to spend a tenth of the value of your bike on a headlight bulb? Go on then.

    • Hmm ... Hadn't thought of it that way before .. Your right, seeing clearly at night is no excuse for spending disgusting amounts of money on headlight bulbs !!!

    • I don't ride at night if I can help it.

    • You dunno what your missing ...

    • Such as...?

    • I'd totally tell you all about it .. BUT .. I'd hate to ruin the surprise, you need to discover the joys of night riding for yourself bud !!

    • I'm joking .. Night time riding is shit, it's as much fun as having a filling with out an injection from the dentist..

    • Been there, done that.

    • At least you have the road to yourself.

    • And the catseyes are pretty colours.

    • So are the deers eye's as they stare at you hurtle past at 80mph, and for a second you ponder to yourself .. Will they stay at the side of the road or mess your day up !!

    • Never seen a deer.

      Don't get them round here.

    • We get massive ones round here, Thetford Forrest is full of them !

    • I ride to Norfolk every year, not seen any deer yet, just caravans and sugar beet lorries.

    • Where'd you end up in Norfolk ??

    • Around Sheringham.

    • All round that bit of the coast.

    • Sweet, Its nice round there and the coast road is fun

    • The A149? Yeah, it's good.

    • Been going there over 30 years on bikes. Sometimes just for the day, sometimes for 4-5 days. I love it.

    • I like the trains as well. Takes me back. Only the diesels mind, not those filthy old kettles.