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For the first time in OVER 2yrs I've had to ride the hooligan in shite weather !!!!

I have no words ..

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  • I used to do 500-1000 miles a month on mine in the warmer months.

  • This is me every day, just with extra cow shite and pasty crusts clogging up the sprockets.

  • Honestly mate took the firestorm out through some really flooded spots and some crazy heavy rain and it literally didn't care one bit it handles so well in the rain, it might be taboo on this page but compared to the mighty zed the firestorm destroys it in the rain I got drenched from head to toe and finished with a huge smile on my face

  • The ZZR is great in the rain, the fairing keeps me as dry as toast and the handling's okay as long as you don't whack the throttle open too hard.

  • Honestly mate as an all year rider every day through all weathers the zzr maybe be alright in the rain but the firestorm literally flies through it you can really lean more brake more, accelerate more etc and it loves it

  • But you get soaked.

  • Wetter is better my friend

  • I prefer being dry.

  • i live up a 10mile dirt road.. you would be shocked to see the state of my zed haha

  • Can you get 180/55 knobblies?

  • the local bike shop wants to fit them for me..!!

  • I live in the middle of an agricultural area on a farm in north Devon, I like Jeffrey Hubber have to ride over dirt roads for several miles, covered in mud & cow shit. My Z looks like a fucking scrambler when I get back from a ride at this time of year!! Can't wait for summer when it dries up!! Sick of bastard washing it down, she's gonna need some TLC soon..

    I'm so looking forward to moving back to civilisation the end of this year, where I can ride straight out onto normal roads!