Photos from Garry Tse's post

This is my re~build bike in hong kong.

  • awesome build, what on earth is that headlight bulb please?

  • This is high power LED

  • not sure it would be legal downunder but if you could post up a link it sure would help the smidsy's

  • I bought from toobo, if you can read and write chinese word no problem. Otherwise you can't buy.

  • dam good!

  • Clean look nice one...Good Job Garry Tse

  • Very nice!! I'm would just try to lower the gauges... every time I look under them it seems that it just takes a horizontal flip of the support...

  • Well done, lovely job. I like what you've done with the back end. Is it lowered much?

  • Is it the original top clamp with the risers sheved off?

  • No this is optionally parts