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I just love my bike :-)

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  • Nice but faster in green

  • Black is faster .... Stealth like lol

  • nice

  • Matt Pearce eBay user name is firma_wijalis and they are Poland not Germany :-) they do any colours you require

  • Just looked thats a really good price to be fair might order myself some tonight cheers garry :-)

  • Well worth it... Take them to an upholster firm or if you got a good staple gun do your self just remove the old covers and fit away ... I had mine fitted for £20 local to me

  • Hmm ill have a good stapler its the person thatll be stapling it thatll be the problem haha is it a little thicker than the originals or?

  • They are easy to fit :-) post a photo when done n tag me cheers

  • Yeah will do mates cheers for the help want a new exhaust and screen but thisll keep me happy for now :-)

  • Take the cans off and fit slash cut pipes as I have ... My video is on this site ... Cost me £10 lol sounds awesome :-)