Photos from Gèni Cabré's post

As you may know, Sean needs a new engine, difficult to find in my region. I don't quite trust any mechanics here anymore so I regularly scan the second hand source we use locally.

I understand that the Versys may not be very popular, but the fact that they didn't even put the name when advertising it is almost insulting!

It makes me suspect it was stolen (happens very little here), imported or used for track? I don't know, it is fishy. The seller is also either thinking that buyers are dumb or genuinely has no clue about this bike as it also says that it is 2-5yo (is the 2008 model).

I'm interested in calling him and see how much I could get it for, to make one with mine.

Your thoughts?

  • if the rear axle swingarm is black its a 2009. if its silver its 2008. I think this one is a 2008.

  • What colors?

  • Any clue how much this would cost in your markets?

    I have no idea about mileage, but it's obviously been used. It doesn't even have the original stickers on the fairings. And has the road toll sticker on the windshield, so it must have been used quite a bit. Plus the tyres in other photos seem quite worn out.

  • The VIN tells you the year.

  • Mk1s are usually between £2000-£4000 in the UK. Typically around £2500/3000

  • Here in Greece a 2008 with ABS is sold around €3000 top.

  • The lack of details on the ad might be due to fixed (and quite limited) options on the advertising app...

  • Seriously? I paid 3,750 £ for mine when it came out in 2007

  • No, in the app you can write more stuff. Also in the text part (I didn't screenshot it) they hardly wrote anything

  • Here in the US a clean, low miles 2008/9 can be had for around $3-3,500 USD. I actually have a 2008 engine with less than 1,000 miles on it.

  • Gèni just make sure of the condition. A compression check would be a good idea! Good luck!

  • Gèni Cabré i think it makes more sense if u sell the remaining parts of your mk1 as spares than getting a used engine and spend a fortune to get it running again. I bet a MK3 will cost u less!

  • Sorry to hear about your Bike Geni. It's sad to know there are still mechanics out there that take advantage of unsuspecting people. Yes, here in the U.S., a first gen (mark) goes for $3,000 to $3,700. And that usually includes side cases or top case. Most I have seen in Craigslist are low mile bikes too. Always, always check the VIN number against the title or ownership documents. Also look closely at the VIN plate for any altercations. Mohd brings up a good point. Finding another Versys may cost less in the long run. And like you, people are out there that need parts. So weigh things out before committing if you can. Best outcome wishes are in my thoughts for ya.