• Photos from Fredy Smith's post

    Let's see those custom paint jobs.

    • you RAPED the bike

    • my buddys ZX

    • All spiked up !

    • It's a bitch to clean you bleed a lot lol

    • Freddy I don't mean to disrespect you my china but you couldn't have fucked that bike up more if you had given it to a 10 year old retard to paint with a brush. What the fuck where you thinking. I think you should buy a Busa cause you sure as hell don't know how to treat a 14. You should be ashamed!!!!!!

    • Was asking to see others paint job , not your opinion . But good to know you disapprove.

    • I prefer the term

      " making love "

    • Sick !!!!! I saw the fleur de lis at the bottom

    • Yes its on both sides and on the tank

    • From the West Bank . I want to get that on my bike .

    • I stay in Kenner

    • Maybe I'll make another trip over there . I love cruising down lakefront and bourbon st .