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so after my hit and run episode - cctv footage shows the bitch who reversed twice onto my bike - quote is ready to order what she damaged- I am ordering off ebay a front question is this..... does it come in a standard grey? and of course would need to be sprayed? yes? it has two cracks and a deep scratch, broken front brake and scratched blot at side

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  • Would it not be easier to buy one from eBay in the same colour?

  • ideally yes but how would i know the colour - as in the perfect match???

  • I think they only did two blues a light and a dark. Your bike will have its colour code on it though the very long number tells you everything about the bike including its colour.

  • oh wow thats great to know thanks so much Luke

  • No problem. I can't quite make out the petrol tank shape so can't tell the year haha. What year is the bike?

  • shes an oldie mate - 1998

  • Ah so probably an a2. Nothing wrong with old my er5 is an 1997 a1 that's been a category D befor I owned it and I've had it over 10years.

  • very reliable - great super ride i want an upgrade to a 750 but many have told me dont change do her up nicely and maybe turn her into a racer - not too sure - getting new grips, weights/bolts, gonna get the chrome all shiny - ebay prices are not bad at all i must say!

  • I agree great bike I got mine when I was waiting for insurance to pay out after my bike was hit by a car. Got it thought when I get my pay out I'll buy something else and sell this. 10 years later still got it, I'll never sell it. I was looking at the z750/800 but in the end got an er6 in January, that's a damn good bike to. My missis uses the er5 in the summer I use it In the winter. It's just being resprayed in one of the kawasaki oranges so it looks good for her, Me I rode it scratched up and dented haha.