• Photos from Enrico Composto's post

    Hi guys , I've got a z750 '04

    Which exhaust do you suggest? I was thinking about Mivv tondo gp carbon,for a good sound but not too noisy on long trips... Any suggestions?

    • I disassembled and powder coated foot pegs and cylinder cover. Hydrographics on wheels and sidecovers. Starting to look OK. Carbon exhaust...

    • That is awesome!! I was thinking about idrographics but I didnt know the costs so I sticked to the PVC wheel strips..

      Sick bike man !

    • you should take the caps off and paint them, and on the engine cover, wait until you change the rubber cap garniture

    • Absolutely incredible sound

    • Gp style evo II right ? Not sure if it fits my bike

    • Gott a cobra exhaust on it Sounds Vers good...Photo follwes..to the painting all Covers off and clean with alcohol 3x and paint it by carpaint 3times

    • Leo Vince ticks all the boxes sounds good ,looks good

    • Mivv GP - Without DB killer damn loud. Which is cool, but not for too long trips. With DB killer it is perfect for everyday use!

      Also: Did paint the side pannels matt black and I'm planning to paint the passenger footpegs, but dont know how to paint the engine covers

    • Great man!!! Thx for the feedback and nice bike;)

    • I fully agree!!!

    • Remus powercone are awesome