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So question for you guys. This is my second zx6e. 1995 with 19xxx miles. So here's what's going on, I go out after the bike is cold, she fires right up. If I go out for a bit, turn the bike off, when I go to fire her up again she sits and cranks and cranks and cranks without catching. Doesn't matter if I choke or not. If I let her sit for a good five minutes or so she fires up without any problem. Plugs are good, wires are new. Just put a new fuel filter on. I've noticed by turning the petcock to "off" every time I turn the bike off helps some. Seems to be flooding? Float in the petcock? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for any input and happy riding

  • Ign module getting hot? When you have this issue find the ignition module and pour water on the outside to cool it off.

  • I'll give that a shot. Thank you.

  • No prob your welcome.

  • I'd also question the battery, can you borrow a known good battery?

  • Welcome to the group by the way :-p

  • Brand new battery.

  • Hmm.., plan B it is then.

  • Lol right? I've gone through the majority of the basic stuff. Honestly think it's a gas issue from the way she responds.

  • 4 float needles, not high miles but age is against her.

  • Fitted anything new to her lately?

  • I had the same issue with my 05 500R when first bought it. I could ride it 1/4mile down the road and it died. Turned out to be a bad peacock ring...

    If you open and close the gas tank when it won't catch, does it then turn over? Mine had a vacuum issue as well.

  • She starts and runs fine. Just if I turn it off and go to start again it has trouble unless it sits for a minute

  • My 1999 ZX-7R used to he exactly the same. It would run superb until I stopped to fill it up with petrol and then it wouldn't even try to fire for a good 5 minutes and then it would suddenly fire and be fine.

    Someone on here advised me to turn off the gas tank every time I switch it off and doing that seemed to make the difference. A couple of times lately I have forgotten to turn it off when I have been in a hurry getting petrol and it has been fine though so it appears to have fixed itself somehow!!

    Best of luck to you.