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Anybody knows if this is center stand looks bent on one that normal???'s a brand new bike and there is no impact marks on it...I just got the bike....and how and where I can get replacement parts for my bike??...

  • Yes...hehe

  • Motortrade checked the bike and then they went to the stock house where they keep there bikes and they noticed it is bent because the other bikes are straight.... It's probably a factory defect....and I just realized it....

  • english galore ah

  • Spaniard kasi sya.. kesa naman daw mag Spanish sya.. hehehe

  • Hahaha!!!!.....hay Dios

  • How is it?

  • How is what Carlos Francisco ?

  • Your bent centerstand?

  • Oh....they are going to replace it....I have to wait a week for part to come from Kawasaki plant in Manila

  • Nose bleed naman idols Luis Angel Rodriguez

  • Hahaha!!!!