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Here is the hookup for the trailer.

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  • Looks awesome but towing vehicles restricted to 60 mph ??

  • Why, get a goldwing

  • Some states have some sillyness like that but I am not too concerned.

  • Goldwing without trailer will never turn as fast or go as fast as a ZX14 with this trailer. This don't feel heavy like a wing, I have been on a few wings.

  • Whatever enjoy but not for my 14,you may as well tow a caravan

  • each has their own tastes.

    I personally wouldn't enjoy drag this box behind.

    traveling the zzr must sing.

  • Is it hard to ride with that ? How does it feel on turns ?

    Looks cool

  • Why?

  • Nice!

  • Over here in Europe we would be limited to 60mph on a motorway towing that. No thanks, I have a car and a caravan if I want to drive across Europe that slowly. =D

  • Pmsl get a goldwing if ya wanna tow stuff...... ;)

  • I wouldn't care. speed limits are not for our motorcycles . like this trailer

  • So far no issues but honestly I haven't ran with wieght yet. I am doing a 12k mile trip in the comming week and when it is all done will post the results/observations. Part of the trip will be at Deals Gap so it will get a work out in the curves.

  • Less complicated long trip.

  • For those that don't see the sense in this here is my thoughts from a guy who never wanted one before now. I did the USA4Corners tour on my Gen1 zx14 with cortek soft bags. Every time I stopped I was worried I would be robbed especially in the North East of the states. No matter how I strapped them or loaded them they would sag to one side or the other. I didn't put any framing on the bike. The bottoms got cooked by the tail pipes. I had to pull them off and drag them in every night and every morning get them back on. They busted the front piece of the side rear plastic on both sides where the screw under the front of the seat secures the plastic. I wasn't happy with the movement in corners, I had to get a feel each and every day for how the bags were going to move when I was hitting twisties. I did this for 10k miles, still loved the trip and swore I would purchase corbin bags the next time. Well I moved up to a gen2 and corbin don't make bags for it. I don't care for the ones I see others have on the 14 but when I saw Juan(from thridwheeltrailers) video of him doing wheelies with one connected and I saw video of twisties with one(both with a Busa) I knew this was my answer. This time I do the trip I can sit on the very rear when I want to, don't have to worry about melted bags, wet cloths(when they melt even when the cortek stays together the garbage bag inside you have for keeping it dry melts). I will ride this thru deals gap and many more mountain passes and let you know how the corners were. I like it, not everyone likes it, not everyone likes raw onions on hotdogs but hey I do.

  • So your in the usa its just the job tthen bud looks cracking a bit of kit just done Italy my self from uk fully loaded plus the Mrs on the back absolutely amazing last loads of passes one life live it awesome

  • Personally, i think a mototbike should be just that a nototbike. If you cant get it in a rucksack dont take it :). Side cars, trailers, huge luggage. Not for me thats for cars.

    Your first comment, cant leave saddle bags incase of theft. Thats anywhere in the world, me id worry about the bike being stolen. If you have to get luggage then whats wrong with lockable panniers? A trailer is just wrong.ok for straight lines but that would affect cornering at high speed with two apposing forces, one in the bend the other out.