Photos from Dimitris Arapis's post

8 months later.. still some small things to be changed

  • Want to do mine needs tank respray and a bit of tlc

  • When you put the Lucas tail light in, did you have to drill a new hole in rear fender?

  • Hi, no, no new hole was drilled, my kawasaki authorised mechanic used the oem hole

  • by the way the next modification will be the installation of a short rear fender, any suggestions would be more than welcome!

  • Don't.

  • why not? I was thinking of something like this from LsL

  • Ah. That one is approved. Although I always had a soft spot for the ISDT version...

  • I had a Clubman once... Albeit a fake.. :v

  • Now, this is what I have in mind! the tires are conti attack, or not?

  • Good catch ! Yes indeed, Trail Attack 2. 110 front and 140 rear. Wider as I could without getting new rims (LSL manages 150/70 rear on Akron wheels)

  • And BTW, you need black rims Dimitris ;)