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Custom covered seat for V2K... if interested message me. $250 OBO.

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  • I believe so Wayne Beasley.

  • Very nice. Looks great.

  • It looks great.... I'm 6'6" so it sits me too far forward.

  • message sent yeah what rick said very interested.

  • How much?

  • I can't determine how old the seat is... look/feels to still be in good shape. This is a one of a kind by DJS since they customarily service horse saddles. If you google their site those are not cheap.

  • Is that a stock seat that was redone? I doubt they created a new pan.

  • Shane Medlin it may be

  • Now that i look at the back of that seat Shane i do believe you are correct stock pan.?

  • Do you think they added any additional padding to the rebuild?