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Was digging through some old pictures and I came across my first two kawasakis, these two bikes started my love for green bikes.

First kawasaki was a 03 klx 400, bought it with 1500 miles on it and sold it 4 years later with nearly 50,000 miles, 0 issues even had the original spark plug and battery.

My second one was a 05 klx 300r with a 351 big bore, didn't use it much so I sold it right away.

Went with out a bike for a few years and got the itch so I went to the dealer and bought a new 14 650 versys off the show room floor

I will bleed green for the rest of my life

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  • my first kawasaki when i was a boy on the farm ,apart from a quick foray with a honda vfr 750 every bikes been a green machine