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New parts looking sharp!!!!

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  • Nice want hurt anything take out the ones you need replace with new mine only took 3 doesn't make oil come out unless you take all bolts out

  • Ahhh, thanks man. that was my concern, figured only taking 4 bolts out wouldn't break the seal, but wasn't willing to just jump right in and find out either lol.

    I honestly didn't really look it all over when I got them in last night.

    Is there a special tool needed, are the bolts torqued to a specific amount etc.?

  • Alumn wrenches and a 5/16 socket with ratchet I'm not a mechanic that's just how I done it

  • That's perfect man! I appreciate the help! Love how these look on the bike, can't wait to install mine.

  • Hey post a pic when you get it on

  • Easy to install those. I have them on my bike too. Line up the cover first before you remove any bolts so you know which ones to remove. Then remove the bolts and line up the cover again and use the bolt spacers to make sure you put them in the right place, will take some trial and error because they are different lengths.... good luck. They look mint one the bike...

  • Absolutely! So glad I found a group dedicated to this bike, I'm the only person I've seen with one here in NC, so it's nice to mingle with people with the same taste lol. When I first saw this bike a few months ago, I knew it was "the one" looks like a friggin decepticon or something.

    I'll post pics of any mods I do here. So far all I've done in the 3 weeks I've had her is.

    Add swing arm spools.

    Integrated tail light.

    Fender eliminator


    Handle bar mirrors

    Next us the engine covers, I'm kind of digging how the crash bars look. MAYBE a windshield I'll use for certain rides (did a 60 mile cruise on Sunday and the wind to the chest was no joke lol) and lastly, I may wrap the bike, either all matte black, or white.

  • Good point, I guess the main issue is what bolts go where because they are different sizes.

  • Kool deal my bike is in Virginia a lot of ppl on here is over seas

  • Exactly. The bolts correspond with the spacers so if you line them up first it makes life easy. Should only take about 20 minutes to install.

  • Yea I've noticed that for sure the z800 seems to be pretty big in the UK and middle east

  • Awesome, thank you man! I'll keep you posted on progress and post pics.

  • Awaits Colin Manchester to say BOO