• Photos from Dereck Meigs's post

    Bike before the bag flew off, 2nd pic is where bag wanted its independence, it has now been properly restrained... Back to shop to get fixed.

    • That's a fairly easy conversion just space it right

    • They r fit n good, just have pick a colour for the bike now

    • That is something I had problems doing lol, it's kinda hard to change once it's on, well pricy I guess.

    • I will use Plasti Dip so i can change it if I want

    • Someone stole my bike

    • Thats f#%ked mate

    • when?

    • When I saw your green bike it just reminded me of mine LOL

    • Is it common for those Harley bags to fall off? I know a guy who's fell off too

    • Frank Yates lol nice but urs has tunes, right?

    • No just human error

    • (Y)

    • Gotta like those HD bags.

    • Yes sir, thank you for showing me how!

    • Dereck Meigs your welcome. This is why this page is so helpful.

    • James Forrest true that!

    • how did it fall off?

    • The Carter pin wiggled off, then popped the other one when I accelerated it flew off.

    • Ouch

    • That looks nice.

      So those are HD bags you custom fitted?

      Love the low setting.

      How did you get around the pipes?

    • These will bolt right on a V2K. I have installed this type on my 2000. Just passing on information.

    • Awesome, brother!

      Thank you.

      I'm getting these bad boys!

    • Mike Almaraz don't forget to order the hinge hardware kit.

    • Is that different than what is shown?

    • As for pipe clearance here's my bike.

    • Very nice!

    • Mike Almaraz that just the bags , lids, and mounting brackets. You have to search for the hinge kit. Any HD aftermarket hinge kit will fit. It's all about how much you want spend brother. As I have said its only money enjoy spending it. a kit you just have to search for the hinge kit. It's about $50.00 for it all.

    • I'll do that.

      Thanks for having my back, brother

    • Softail conversion brackets, and you will need to drill one hole. My bags are 6" overstock, the pipes are freedom radius curves.