Photos from David Le-Fort's post

One icon visiting another

  • would be a great sight to have the Ace front full of Big Zeds ;-)

  • Mark there is One in April

  • April 27th , Forum meet at the Ace Cafe,

  • there's nothing in the events part on here !

  • Its Kawasaki Day i think, 9am-2pm, but all the 14's turn up early to get a space lol, no idea how many will turn up this Time.

  • Cheers Nick, I will be there.

  • in the diary :-)

  • Are you coming Deano ??

  • I would love to come but my beast is SORNed at the moment and was also taken off road shortly after our summer trip for warped discs so I guess I will be turning up on the snot rocket if I can make it

  • If mines back together will be going, be good to meet you CC, Seen as your not far away from me

  • I really need to check this off the biker bucket list