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Just starting this rebuild 1994. Have some questions about this frame. Haven't been able to find another like it except on the 1994 Baja 1000 winning bike. Full skid plate with extra skid protection and steering stabalizer post from the factory. The guy I bought it from believed it was a factory Kawi race bike maybe a practice bike? No sign of lights so I don't think it ever competed in the Baja 1000. Any thoughts or knowledge would be appreciated! New to the group love it!

  • Yea I think factory race team I had one the same way was hill climber

  • Mine has it too. Bought from a guy in AZ. Used to race in desert. Not much more info than that.

  • Cool to see some others! Thanks guys good looking bikes!

  • Older Team Green Frames Mike Weir??

  • Hard to say if you have a factory frame. A lot of guys went out and copied the mods. I've always liked the extra guards but I've never needed them.. The places I ride just don't demand it.

  • My frame has the stabilizer piece welded on and the frame is powder coated over it.

    Looks just like that too

  • Team Greem,

  • Lots of claims, lots of copies, the engine guards are not the only mods team green did. Without a solid witness, I would not claim it. I can do all the mods it and rip it

  • It looks really good. Are the radiators beefed up and tranny sight glass welded up? They did a lot to our bikes. I was lucky enough to have either Lanny Jay or Dave Chase do mine. Kept the last one thankfully.

  • That's awesome, I bet that bike is a beast! No welded sight glass or radiator reinforcement on mine but the guy did mention that I'm missing a serial number somewhere on the motor but I'm not sure where to look for that?

  • You didn't mention frame or engine serial.

    Look on the right side engine case by the footpeg for the engine ID number.

  • The frame VIN is on the front of the frame by the triple clamps. If the frame has been powder coated, the serial may not be visible. I always have powder coaters mask off the frame VIN so it's readily available. When a PO powder coats over the VIN it raises red flags and I move on.

  • Thanks no vin on the engine. Any thoughts?

  • Could just be a replacement case. Overall, to be very honest, a lot of stuff was experimented with at Team Green. I would rather build a bike with a few Team Green pointers and then make it better. They built a bike to last long enough to race and then move on to the next chassis for the next race.

  • Can't help but notice the Mid Cities sticker on your stand!

  • Joe Chamberlain

  • Doug and his family at Mid Cities supported my from my rookie season on a privateer Honda to the end as a Vet with Team Green.

  • Dan Richardson nice! good people!