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A few of my past bikes. Which do u prefer

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  • Hi David, I was looking for a close up photo of my bars but can't see one. Only thing I can suggest is to email a seller and ask if the risers fit the performance model. Failing that, I'll take a pic in daylight to let you see the set up on my 2012 bike.

  • ive been told by the shop they wont fit different shape.

  • Bar raisers im talking about.

  • This is the set up on the standard ZZR, 20mm risers with minimum hassle. I'd imagine it's only a matter of time before someone comes up with something for the performance model.

  • as above.

  • I dunno what the difference is for the performance's frustrating as u better they would be a god send mate

  • I think the top of the forks are bigger maybe???? Confused!!!! If it's that it's only a matter of making the opening bigger maybe

  • Have you considered contacting R&G or some of the other companies to ask if a set of risers for the performance model is likely to be available soon ?

  • No I haven't done that,but I definitely am gonna look into it now

  • If I do replace my 14 with a new one, I'll see how I get on, if I have an issue, then will probably get some risers.