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Ok. Tomorrow is the big day for Biggn. The fuel pump rebuild was a success. It was very toigh to come apart as you can tell from it previous condition. I am so ready to hear the rumble from a V2K.

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  • Slow down a bit. Before you try and fire bigun I suggest you unplug the rectifiers and check this plugs for corrosion. Be ready for a dreadful clicking racket from the top of the engine as chances are good that the hla's have bled down. When you start it let it run for no more than 2 minutes and don't rev it much. You want to wake her up slowly and keep her happy

  • It has new plugs. New oil. Each cylinder was sprayed with lubicant. Tank has been cleaned inside. Fuel pump rebuilt. Are you saying to check my plug wires.

  • Its very rusty, look that you take the tank full of fuel if you parked her for winter.

  • It was a barn find. I pulled it out of a shed where it has sat for over three years. I have gone thru the de rusting of it .

  • Check the plugs on the rectifiers (under the rad right side. The finned things). Make sure they have no corrosion. My concern is nothing has moved for 3 years. The previous owner did a small favour by filling the engine with oil but nothing has gone to the top. Fire er up but just let er idle for a bit