Photos from David Ahrens's post

The gas tank for "Biggn" is clean. I used BBs and diesel fuel. I also was able to clean the fuel pump.

I must say that I am now a firm believer in sell your stuff and don't let it sit because if you let it sit there's a lot of work to bring it back.

  • Awesome pics to show the rust and crap build up.

  • I just figured I would let people see the progress through my rebuild. To be honest it's not really a rebuild it's just getting the thing running again after sitting for years

  • People just don't get it. If your not going to ride it sell it.

  • Don't get me wrong I'm glad that he kept it and I was able to pull it out of the shed but I agree with you and he only put it away because he went out and bought a Harley

  • I enjoy all bikes different makes and models and years. Good luck with it.

  • I have a real soft spot for vintage Jap bikes

  • I've had a 83 650 4 cylinder 76 900 4 cylinder 03 shadow 750 06 900 kawasaki Vulcan classic lt

  • Thanks for sharing this V2K's return to the road. Respect it,ride it and love it

  • wow wow wow, amazing the amount of crude that builds up just sitting eh. With the fuel pump, I take it that is the only filter??? nice job so far man.

  • Mine has been sitting for a year. I hope I don't have this problem in a couple of weeks when I go to get back on it.

  • This one has an inspection sticer from 2008 and a license plate from 2010. It has been sitting for a while.