Photos from Dave Snell's post

Not mine but like the look of this one

  • Like that.

  • It's an old custom bike, from Germany if I recall well.. Circa 2006 or 2007. Superior tradecraft, very nice and tasteful mods indeed.

  • Beauty!

  • Yeah i remember this being a Dub from Germany.

  • Nice.

  • Thanks a lot - I love my W800!

  • i like the small side covers! any feedback? I believe they must require airfilter mods..

  • Dimitris : Yes I think so. Usually modified side panels are required because POD air filters have been substitued to the airbox, and they are made by those who built the bike. VD Classic in France (now defunct) used to have their own custom built W650 in the mid-00, before everybody and his dog became a "yard builder".. Their bespoke W650 side panels do pop up on ebay here and then.

  • the very first modified w650 i set my eyes on was a vdclassic built! never fogot!

  • That's it !

  • love at first sight! hours of admiration!