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Can I clean the air filters on the W650? I can barely see sunlight thru them. On my other bikes that's not a good thing. It's 50+ degrees in NE in the US, so I'd rather be riding than bike maint. Thanks!

  • from what I remember they're reusable, you can get an air filter cleaner and use compressed air to blow them out, not sure if they need to be oiled, check your owners manual

  • You can clean them with a high flashpoint solvent Dave, then once clean apply motor oil too them remove any excess then re fit them mate.

  • Right... But change them foe new ones once in a while.. A set sells for 30 bucks or so..

  • Dish washing liquid is the way to go, solvents tend to melt the glue that holds the foam to the plastic frames. I use Bel-Ray spray foam filter oil.......just spray and press out the extra oil......

  • Hey Tel, perhaps you should get new ones eventually, and then you'd notice the difference ? ;)

  • You bet. It's a W for Pete's sakes !! Will run on beer when tuned properly !! :)