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I'm sure some of you may recognise this? i got it as a Z650(B) front wheel? it ended up like this 2nd pic, for my Bunt hardtail. Should have looked more closely as its different. I knew it was narrower, but i also knew Z650's came with different widths. this one has smaller bolt holes for the discs & 38mm dia bearings instead of 40mm (or possibly the other way around?) it has stamped on both sides J19X1.85 DOT, F-1027, ASAHI 2 & of course Kawasaki, anyone hazard a guess as what its from?

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  • thanks, but are you sure? my last Z650 had a 19 on the front & i have another later 19 rim from a 650C? twin discs & the larger hollow hub

  • my z650 was 18" had a z550 with a 19" and my bro had a 750 LTD that had a 19"

  • Know anyone who wants a garish pearl purple/green 19 inch front? lol wish i had inspected it properly before i spent days on the prep & paint! ffs.

  • wish i still had my z650 , i got rid of all my kwak spares yrs ago including an almost complete gpZ11 b1 lol , i could kick myself every morning in hind sight but i know no one with old kwak's now bud , this is the only kwak i got now and its hardly recognisable , gpZ1100 uni-trak '83

  • It's off a z440 definitely z550 had a 5 spoke wheel I had one of them aswell as the 650 and shit loads of other bikes if you get stuck gis a shout

  • the "voices" keep telling me to buy another bike. i've got a Z750 twin motor in my Bunt hardtail, an 04 zx12r an 04zrx1200r & a VN15 sitting waiting to play again, no such thing as too many bikes, but i miss my old 650, the wallet doesnt tho!

  • doubt i'll buy another bike tbh , i like this one too damn much lol

  • I'll buy the tank off you

  • you would'nt be able to afford it lol

  • early cb1300 tank mate got it to fit with a few whack's with a rubber hammer and some heat

  • Yeah I've got one

  • it would'nt fit one of them now trust me

  • What's next?

  • lot's to do still mate , i gotta build the engine at some point , maybe get debben to do that as i'd like it blue printed , head skimmed new valves ported and gasflowed new cam's too gotta buy a set of carb's 41mm kehin's i'm thinking all new electric's , got a pair of oval carbon can's off my gsx14 to go on it too but need them shortened by 3"and link pipes altered to fit them , engine in the frame is empty casing's just so i could build the exhaust i got another engine all painted up and polished ready to be built

  • Will be good to see it all done

  • it will , been a long build so far around 9 yrs lol , i'm disabled by a crash i had 20 yrs back 120 mph highside , fund's have held me back on it tbh but i'll crack on in my own time , i'm in no rush

  • Same with me mate my body's knackered aswell just do what I can when I can keep up the good work though mate

  • oh i will mate bikes run thru my veins

  • bought the bike fairly standard off my mate hess who was in the movie , i bought a vampire motorcycle back in the 80's , he died in a bike crash nearly two years back so it would be nice to a bit of him into the paint job , we were both kwak mad back in the day

  • thanks guys, z440 it is then.

  • Definitely Scott Morris mate that would be a fitting tribute if you put him on the tank somewhere, always sad when we loose someone but we all got to go at some point

  • Lester BMX Mags

  • too true mate only hope i'm lucky enough to go out in a blaze of glory and not in some boring nursing home shitting myself and knowing nothing about it lol