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well it's official now, the post office have lost half a set of my rads and the original still got a hole in it. now to try and claim £200 out the f#ckers.

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  • Good luck with that daz. If it's recorded it's £30 . If it's special delivery you should be ok.

  • I have a set of factory rads I'm gonna throw away if you want them, not the best but never leaked

  • Bollocks to them

  • it's second class not recorded or signed, looks like I'm proper fucked

  • don't mind paying and paying shipping Gordon

  • Oh dear . I've got caught out big stylee daz too. Sorry to hear that mate.

    Perhaps they might find it ???

  • I live in Massachusetts, I'll check on shipping,you're in the uk?

  • hope so Paul but not holding out for it though, cunts come to mind

  • thanks Gordon Reichert much appreciated

  • Sorry to hear that.

  • You can get that patched. I had the same hole same place. Got it rad epoxy'd from a rad company here. 80 bucks

  • Id drive the TIG over that

  • +1, case dismissed.. probly get your refund sorted tho..

  • Henk Kok

  • That looks repairable ?

  • When ever you Rev a kx500, the rad louvres vibrate and wear a hole through the alloy rads. It's a common problem but easily fixed.

    Simply cut away the back side of the louvres on each rad to stop them rubbing through.

    The keep holes that the louvres fit into wear and that is what makes them wobble when the bike is revved. I always use a zip tie to tighten them and prevent vibration.