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Yes or no on the red pin stripe?

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  • It felt like too much with it everywhere to me – just use a bit as an accent stripe. That being said, make it the way you like it!

  • It's not permanent and only cost £3, so no biggy if I don't get on with it

  • On the rims Yes...

  • What hugger is it?

  • It's from Skidmarx

  • Where the hell do I get one of those? I've never heard of it before. Sounds like a US only brand :(

  • I'm in England dude

  • ah how much was it? Hows the chain guard. Pyramids is a bit short.

  • Tony I can't remember, it was part of the package when I got the bike. And it was fitted to the bike before I picked it up.

    It was about £70

  • thanks :)

  • Tony sorry I can't be more help. I just told the dealer what I wanted on the bike and it was done.

    To be honest the hugger looks good but the back of the bike still get filthy dirty

  • Chain guard any good on it?

  • I have the same hugger on my 08. It work well, but I did something wrong when I painted it and the paint chipped around the screws.

  • Looks fantastic, to me!!!

  • For real, this is what I truly love... many opinions, but everyone's getting along and being civil. This would NEVER happen in some of the Mustang groups I've mostly dropped out of at this point!

  • It's not unusual is any group to have someone that can't just say they don't like something.

  • Steve Harrison I just found my fellow Mustang owners to be REALLY bad about it! Just downright rude.

  • I have seen a lot of those people show up on just about every group, board or forum. I just chose not to engage them, as it is pointless.

  • Tony it's all one piece and seems ok

  • Try being in some of the dog owners groups, especially if you have a bull breed

  • I got someone kicked out of the fz07 Facebook group because all he did was bad mouth everyone and I was the only one who finally called him out on it. Just a real negative Nancy.

  • Looks great!

  • Going the way of Tron, bro'!!

  • Just gotta get his helmet like mine and it'll be like Tron

  • We have great admins who have installed a friendly international culture :P

  • (Y) yes and no, looks not bad, but wasn´t my (other colour maybe?)

  • I know what you mean pal

  • White striping might look nice

  • No white on the bike, everything is black apart from the fork tops and rear spring