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Hate to do this! Things came up! Need ti sell 2016 Teryx 4 le..600 miles, super lift arms and bracket kit! Plus have Pushing Limits front 4 inch bracket ( to be put on yet)..5000 lb wench, wench bumper, super atv windshield, 2 led 4 inch cubes, 11 inch led bar, 52 inch curved, 30inch tires with green bead locks, stereo amp( with enclosure) and 4 speakers with green leds( still needs to be installed) and blue tooth radio( replacement, still in box) over also have deposit of 50% on new tuner and clutch set up from JBS!

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  • Payoff is $13600 w/ extended warranty...Ok..after doing the numbers..can do $4600 and refinance..

  • How much for the bumper??

  • Its on buggy

  • Bump

  • Would you sell the 4" lift

  • No..selling package

  • OK thanks